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Shopping in Sri Lanka
Ceylon saphires
Shopping in Sri Lanka
Laksala shopping centre
Shopping in Sri Lanka
Majestic city shopping-mall
Shopping in Sri Lanka
Odel shopping mall
Shopping in Sri Lanka
ceylon sapphire
Shopping in Sri Lanka
World's best Tea

Lets see more about where to go for shopping in Sri Lanka…

There are a number of unique things, which tourists can buy in Sri Lanka. Gems, Readymade Garments, Batiks, Tea and Handicrafts are popular shopping items in Sri Lanka among the tourists. Furniture, hand made Silver, Lacquer ware, and Brass objects are other articles that tourists can purchase.There is no doubt you will enjoy shopping in Sri Lanka because of cheaper price and the variety.

For gems, Ratnapura has been the main source for many centuries and most of the Country's gem dealers are located in this town. Most gem cutting centers also offers gems to be set into jewelry by the visitors. Gems are also available at jewelry shops around the country, mainly in Capital, Colombo. You need to be careful while buying gems on the street or from dealers. They offer irresistible bargains, however, on returning home, the stone bought may turn out to be worthless. Goods made from ivory, turtle shell, coral reefs or reptile skin of any kind should totally be avoided, for they are illegal and the new purchases will be confiscated by customs at time of the homeward journey.

Along Colombo – Kandy road there are number of places you can buy handicrafts made in Sri Lanka. Kandy also is one of the best places to buy most of the handicrafts produced in Sri Lanka. There are number of shops catering to the tourists. At Kundasale, about 4km from Kandy, a village has been established recently to settle local craftsmen and their families. Visitors could watch artisans at work and purchase their products on site.

Sri Lanka is a major garment manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of clothing. Colombo is a major attraction for garment hunters. One can buy excellent selection of children's wear, beach wear, casual clothing for men and women and warm padded jackets at attractive prices from Colombo.

As the producer of the world's finest teas there are many tea sales centers at most tourist destinations around the country and at main shopping centers in Colombo.

Imitation of Dutch and British era furniture is also very popular among tourists.

For the souvenir shopper Sri Lanka offers a whole treasure house. Small craft and souvenir shops surround virtually every resort hotel, with mementos to suit every budget. Bargaining is the order of the day.

The best bargains are carved wooden masks, leather goods such as bags and belts. Silver and gold jewellery and precious gemstones like rubies and sapphires are widely sold. Hand-woven textiles, sarongs, fabrics and brassware are other good picks. Ceramic drinking gourds, batiks, bronze and tea are other items which deserve to be bought. Beware!

Also, never go to a shop with a tout or a guide. You will only end up paying more.



The Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board better known as “LAKSALA” is a state corporation under the Ministry of Rural Industries and Self Employment Promotion is set up to preserve and develop traditional skill of the craftsmen. The Board is dealing with nearly 3500 leading master craftsmen/entrepreneurs who are producing handicrafts item at Rural/Cottage industry level. LAKSALA is the only state owned handicraft marketing organization in Sri Lanka deals with provision of training to craftsmen and marketing and export promotion of handicrafts. The board handles 23 sales outlets and 14 provincial purchasing points for the purpose of achieving its objectives.


A handicraft store, 706 Galle Road, Colombo 03. Has a wide range of good quality souvenirs and handmade items: clothes, bags, and children toys, from some of the most beautifully coloured fabric you've ever seen.


Lakmedura is located at 113 Dharmapala Road, Colombo 07 An organisation run by the tour guides association. Offers mass produced products at unbelievably high prices. It is better to commit it from one's literary although the many tour companies, operators, guides and trishaw drivers that would pester you to visit it.


Situated at 14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 07. A non profit organisaton run by the craftsman association of Sri Lanka with assistance from the government. Offers all handicrafts and gemstone jewellery. Unique metalware, wood carvings,silver jewellery,batik ,textile productsand other crafts. Only member in Sri Lanka of the World Craft Council and winner of several international awards therefore all our products come with an international guarantee.The only place where quality exceeds price.

Majestic City

Located in Bambalapitiya on Galle Road has a wide variety of clothing outlets - including a sub-branch of Odel - at very good prices, as well as various electrical goods and toy shops. It's pleasantly air-conditioned and includes a food court on the ground floor. There is no doubt you will enjoy shooping in Sri Lanka after visiting al these places.

Liberty Plaza

Liberty Plaza is located in Kollupitaya on Duplication Road has a wide variety of clothing outlets - at very good prices, as well as various electrical goods and toy shops. It's pleasantly air-conditioned and includes a food court on the ground floor.

House of Fashion

House of fashion store is located on Duplication Road, Bambalapitiya A stylish department store, with its very own Delifrance outlet, clothing, houseware, sporting goods, etc – at very good price.

Odel, one of the best places for shopping in Sri Lanka

According to some people Odel is the Number 1 store in Colombo. Situated at No 5, Alexandra Place, Colombo - 7. A stylish department store, with its very own Delifrance outlet, clothing, houseware, sporting goods, books and movies, as well as Delight – for sweet indulgences from chocolates to exotic nuts.

The Pettah Market

In Pettah market you will find all kinds of things from fruits to clothes to electronics if you want to buy at wholesale prices. You have to bargain extensively and it is recommended that you take a local you trust along with you. Even if you don't buy anything, Pettah, or Colombo 11 is an experience in itself being a very typical, busy, loud and crowded oriental market place full of all sorts of odds, ends and junk.

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